Responsibilities & Values

Staff and Governor Values

All staff have the responsibility to make the education of our pupils their first concern, and are accountable for achieving the highest possible standards in work and conduct. All staff have a duty to act with honesty and integrity; have strong knowledge; keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date; share best practice; work collaboratively to raise standards and be self-critical; forge positive professional relationships; and work with parents in the best interests of their pupils.”


  • We are all self aware of how our actions contribute towards the Federation vision
  • We consistently evaluate our daily practice to ensure maximum impact
  • We are able to give evidence of improving academic and social outcomes for all pupils


  • We ensure that a child’s socio economic background does not limit their achievement or future
  • We inspire a love and culture of reading for pleasure
  • We aim high, learn from our mistakes and use them to inspire our further improvement


  • We act as positive role models for reflective learning, reading and actively contributing to our community
  • We share a corporate responsibility for ensuring no child is left behind and all are valued
  • We forge positive professional relationships that are based on trust, accountability and mutual respect

Pupil Responsibilities

At Broadford Primary pupils are expected to meet three key responsibilities

  1. We turn up, on time every day
  2. We do our best in every lesson
  3. We demonstrate politeness and kindness to every one we meet

Pupil Responsibilities


  • Broadford pupils will demonstrate support for each other with their learning
  • Broadford pupils will reflect on and evaluate their achievements
  • Broadford pupils will be empowered to identify their next steps in their learning


  • Broadford pupils will be absorbed by their learning and lessons
  • Broadford pupils will be confident at working independently
  • Broadford pupils will be determined to achieve their challenging goals


  • Broadford pupils will be respectful of each other and their different learning styles
  • Broadford pupils will communicate confidently and effectively with their peers and the adults around them
  • Broadford pupils will work well collaboratively


  • Broadford pupils will be able to think creatively and make links that enable them to solve challenges
  • Broadford pupils will be able to suggest different methods for solving a problem
  • Broadford pupils will ask insightful questions that help them find out what they need to know

Parental Responsibilities

At Broadford Primary parents and carers are expected to meet three key responsibilities

  1. We will ensure that our children arrive on time for school and ready to learn:
    1. We will have provided our children with a healthy breakfast
    2. They will have warm clean clothing
    3. We will make sure they have the right equipment for school (book bag, reading record, PE kit)
  2. We will support our children’s learning at home through:
    1. Reading regularly
    2. Helping them to practise their spellings and mental maths
    3. Encouraging them in their interests
  3. We will model politeness and kindness to every one we meet